Sriracha-Glazed Chicken Skewers


·         ½ cup light brown sugar (packed)

·         ½ cup rice vinegar

·         ⅓ cup hot chili paste

·         ¼ cup plum sauce (look for it in the Asian food aisle)

·         ¼ cup Sriracha

·         2 teaspoon finely grated ginger

·         1½ pound skinless, boneless chicken, cut into 2-inch pieces


1.      In a medium bowl, combine the sugar, vinegar, chili paste, plum sauce, Sriracha and ginger. Add chicken pieces, and turn to coat. Thread chicken onto skewers.

2.      Transfer the remaining marinade to a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, until the marinade is reduced to about one cup - this took about 10 minutes for me.

3.      Grill chicken over medium-high heat for about 8 to 10 minutes, turning and basting often, until cooked through and juices run clear.

4.      **If you're using bamboo skewers, soak your sticks in water for at least 30 minutes before threading your chicken.

After you’ve washed your clothes, don’t forget your hands

With this tailgating hack, finally a place for those bulky empty detergent containers besides the recycling bin.  After rinsing an empty detergent dispenser, fill with water and take to your next tailgate. Strap the paper towels and soap to the side of the dispenser and you have your own portable hand washing station.

Any opportunity to eliminate going to the nearest port-o-potty is going to be a victory for you on game day.

Trust the one with the toolbox

Show up to tailgate with a toolbox and everyone will know you mean serious business. In this tailgating hack, using a toolbox to hold grilling equipment is the right solution.

Fill a small toolbox with the grilling essentials such as spatulas, matches tongs, forks, spoons, knifes and a meat thermometer. If you have room, try using the other drawers for plates, napkins and condiments. This simple idea will be easy to carry and hard to forget. Don’t be left standing there with meat on the grill and forgotten utensils at home. 

Spruce up the spices

Instead of loading up your spice rack each weekend, use this tailgating hack to make adding flavor that much easier. Empty Tic Tac boxes serve as the perfect conduit for mini amounts of salt, pepper, cinnamon or any other spice that you want to bring tailgating. These small containers are easily labeled and simple to use for any tailgate spot.

Just make sure you are not trying to freshen up your breath and grab the cayenne pepper container instead!

Win or lose, just don't throw these

Every cooler is filled with the same boring clear, cubed collection of ice. Using this tailgating hack, add some school spirit to your setup!

Grab some water balloons in the colors of your favorite school and fill them up and freeze them a day before leaving. On game day, fill your cooler with these frozen chunks of color to keep all of your drinks cold and show off school pride!

If you decide to fill up balloons in your rival’s colors, (shhhh!) we didn’t give you the idea to throw them at these misguided fans. 

This won't make you cry

Cleaning a grill can be one of the most frustrating aspects of tailgate clean up. With this tailgating hack, put some of your leftovers to work!

With your grill still hot, attach a half cut onion to the end of a fork. Using the flat side of the onion, start scrubbing. The onion and its juices should help clear off any excess grime and food, plus give your grill a heads up on flavor for the next time you cook.

Get the party (& grill) started

Have trouble getting the grill going? Use this tailgating hack and never worry about not bringing the heat!

Take a cardboard egg carton and trade the eggs for charcoal bricks. The easily flammable crate filled with the charcoal will serve as a quick and safe way to fire up that grill and get cooking.

The sooner you cook, the sooner you eat!